Work From Home

The work-from-home job force just got a big push from the current global coronavirus pandemic. But even before COVID-19 became a factor, increasing numbers of people have been saying goodbye to their onerous commute to work.

Employer Benefits

Cost Savings

Cost reduction on space/office rent, equipment, utilities, and employees’ travel allowances

Increased Productivity

Increased satisfaction of employees lead to overall increased performance, motivation, and creativity

Expanded Talent Pool

Greater chances of hiring someone with the exact skills and experience to best fit the organization

Employee Benefits

Less Time Commuting

Less time spent in daily commuting means decreased level of stress and anxiety

Expenses Reduced

Less expenses in clothes, commuting, parking fees, and gas

Work-Life Balance

Better work-life balance working at the comfort and convenience of home

5 Tips For Employers

Set Clear Expectations

Be clear on employee priorities, focusing on the expectations, tasks and responsibilities agreed upon as measures of success.

Monitor Progress

Catch up with your remote employees face-to-face whenever possible. This is an important step to schedule in.

2-way Communication

Communication is important not only for creating, maintaining, celebrating goals, but also to keep the remote workers engaged.

Trust in Employees

If trust issues arise, it’s worth having a conversation with the employees whether remote working suits the needs of the individual.

Give Examples of Work

Explain thoroughly the way in which how you like work is completed. This will help remote workers to meet your expectation.

5 Tips For Employees

Designate A Space for Work

Pick the right spot, set up proper lighting, and make the space as ergonomic as possible will aid in productivity in the long term.

Set Yourself Working Hours

Set some rigid working hours where you shut everything off and focus on the high-priority work that needs most of your attention.

Use Flexibility Wisely

Structure your workday and practice priority management. You know better than anyone when you do your best thinking and working.

Take Accountability

Communicate any problems you encounter immediately with your Manager and Team so they can seek extra resources if needed.

Take Breaks To Rejuvenate

Schedule the time in for lunch break, tea time, or time away from your desk that will help rejuvenate you for the next challenge.