Total Email Protection

Total Email Protection ensures your organization is secured against today’s prominent email-borne threats. 

The multi-layered approach combines a secure email gateway, an AI-powered fraud protection, advanced security awareness training and automated incident response. This results in comprehensive protection against all email threats from spam and malware to business email compromise and account takeover.

Be Protected

Get your company secured against socially engineered business email attacks, fraud, account theft, and company brand hijacking with one of the most trusted industry’s email protection solution.

The Power is in your hands

The full control of data protection capabilities provides resiliency, and easy recovery from accidental data loss and ransomware.

More Defense Mechanisms

Protect your organization from most of the deadly attacks around today, by adding an additional layer of defense beyond your gateway solution that is an API-based inbox defense.

Benefits of a Layered Defense

Having a multi-layer defense pre-filters possible threats by using progressively sophisticated analysis, to optimize efficiency and guarantee rapid response to any type of attack without compromising network performance or security policies.

Layer 1: Advanced Threat Signatures

Maintaining a massive database of known threat signatures that is used to detect and block any known threat. Whenever a new threat is identified, its signature is immediately added to the database and shared across all our security products and subscribers in real time.

Layer 3: Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis examines parts of any executable file to find questionable code without actually executing the code. This layer is a fast and highly effective method of pre-filtering malware before sending questionable files on to the final, sandboxing layer.

Layer 2: Behavioral and Heuristic Analysis

Any email or data that is not blocked at Layer 1 is then subjected to behavioral and heuristic analysis at Layer 2. In this layer, questionable code and scripts are analyzed in a controlled environment. This layer looks for suspicious activities such as replication, file overwrites, and obfuscation attempts.

Layer 4: CPU-Emulation Sandboxing

The final layer of analysis is a comprehensive CPU emulation-based sandbox that detonates any suspect files that have survived the previous layers. By using CPU emulation, the Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection can detect threats that are designed to evade traditional virtualization-based sandboxes.

13 Email threat types to lookout for!

“Email is the leading source of cyber-threats. Find out which ones your business is exposed to.”

Where Do Attacks Begin?

Incredible as it may seem, more than 90% of cyberattacks start with an email. To understand why email is the weakest in the security chain, let us look at the different types of top email threats facing businesses today. Hard to believe again, there are as many as 13 of them!


Click here to know more about every type of email threats.

Think beyond the gateway for better protection

While traditional email gateway remains an integral part of the security infrastructure, is it powerful enough to combat all types of invaders? We obviously need a more proactive protection mechanism to find out all potential threats, instead of taking reactive and corrective actions on a cybersecurity breach which may lead to unrecoverable data loss and revenue loss.


API-based inbox defense is the answer, which leverages historical communication data to spot anomalous emails that evade the gateway and land in users’ inboxes, while removing malicious emails instantaneously. 

Click to see a relatable example of how Barracuda can protect you from various cyber threats.

stay protected, at all times!

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