Virtual Apps and Desktop

Deliver Application and Desktop Securely.

Anytime, anywhere on any type of devices.


Access, manage & support any device, app & cloud

Great Experience

High definition user experience on any device, at any location



Contextual, containerized & embedded – at rest & in transit



Unlike the traditional workspace, a digital workspace is engineered to increase visibility and simplify management of all apps, desktops, data, and devices — and to give users the unified experience they need to be productive.

Users can access all their apps from a single app store, with a consistent experience across all their devices. IT can easily apply uniform policies across all types of apps, reducing IT administration and management time. It delivers high security to any endpoint, whether on a corporate owned or on unmanaged user device.

user Experience

Discover for instance in this video how Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops transform the learning environment by providing high-definition experience to students. With look, feel and act just like traditional PCs, the 3D graphic-intensive application runs smoothly on the lower-end local device without installing.

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Why Apps and Desktop Virtualization?

Virtual Apps is simply application virtualization that delivers centrally-hosted apps from a shared server or Cloud to individual local devices without the needs of installing them.

Virtualization solutions give IT control of applications, virtual machines, and security while providing access for any device anywhere at any time. End users can use applications and desktops independently on the device’s operating system and interface

 Virtual Desktops is a desktop virtualization solution which provides IT control over and user access to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) desktops. End users can access and interact with remote desktops securely without using the VPN.


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Simplify IT to increase productivity.

Single sign-on

Sign in once to access all SaaS, web, or virtual applications. It also permits IT to grant and revoke global user access at ease.

Integrated workflows

Provide logical integration between applications, as well as a stateful application environment for employees to work.

Consistent user experience

No matter what application is running on what device, the experience is consistent. Application functionality is automatically adapted to device features.

Corporate Governance

With a single control pane across all applications, IT can easily manage data and access across the organization

Contextual access and security controls

With more granular insights, IT can grant user access (or partial access) to approved devices, security posture of devices, and user locations.

End-to-end visibility and user behavior analytics

IT executive can use the consolidated information across applications to get insightful user behavior analysis.



An outright digital workspace solutions pushes corporate  companies to securely deliver the apps and data that make users ultimately productive as possible—regardless of where they work or which devices they use.


Provides the flexibility for students to access their apps and data from a centralized location from any device, anywhere. Also, it simplifies IT by enabling professors and administrators to manage lab environments from one simple management console. 


A digital workspace has the capability to centralize business-sensitive apps and data in the datacenter instead of all the endpoint devices that access them, the audit footprint is tremendously reduced to comply with industry and governmental regulations. 


Improve clinical workflows by enabling clinicians to access sensitive patient information on any mobile device, over any network. Apps and data securely follow healthcare staff members as they roam, while clinicians can reduce clicks and unnecessary relaunches of apps as they move from location to location.


Manufacturing & Engineering

Deliver critical applications to workstations virtually, significantly enabling a reduction in endpoint costs (thin clients) as well as simplifies OS and app updates by not having to bring down a production line to provide a software update.

Science & Technology

When employees are limited to apps native to their device, they lack the flexibility to work. The same is true for data. Employees can’t be productive when data can’t be shared seamlessly.

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