HPE SimpliVity

What is HPE SimpliVity about?

At its most basic, hyper-converged infrastructure combines physical servers and storage with data services inside a single chassis or hyper-converged node. Whereas other brands converge only part of the infrastructure, HPE SimpliVity converges the entire IT stack in each node, consolidating as many as 10 devices and apps in a simple, powerful building block for virtualized environments. Architected to empower the VM administrator, HPE SimpliVity improves the management, protection, efficiency, and performance of virtualized workloads.

The Core Solution and How it works

HPE boasts about a hyper-converged architecture that’s evolved way beyond software-defined to AI-driven — and delivers self-managing, self-optimizing, and self-healing infrastructure. HPE has added the machine learning predictive analytics of HPE Infosight to their hyper-converged platform, they’ve ushered in the era of intelligent HCI. With severe challenges to business operations globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are relying on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to power remote users while maintaining data security. Simple, easy-to-scale, and featuring built-in data protection, HPE SimpliVity is an ideal solution for your VDI needs.

Why Choose HPE SimpliVity

Cloud Benefits with Enterprise Capabilities

Enterprises today seek the agility, elasticity and affordability promised by cloud computing. However, IT organizations also want the performance, reliability and resiliency of on-premises infrastructure. HPE SimpliVity delivers both. It offers organizations an affordable and flexible solution to start virtualizing their enterprise while also keeping the most sensitive data safe.

As you can see, there are many benefits to deploying a hyperconverged infrastructure, and HPE SimpliVity is a great solution to consider for your enterprise. Want to know more about how this network setup can help you reach your business goals? Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about hyperconverged infrastructure.


Creating A Better Data Center

HPE InfoSight is a natural fit for the data center environment. Predictive analytics can be called on to solve a myriad of problems that plague modern data centers and prompt both reduced efficiency and security concerns. Top applications offered through the genius integration of InfoSight and SimpliVity include:


Ultimately, HPE InfoSight improves the streamlining and simplicity that HPE SimpliVity already promotes. VM administration, in particular, is easier to handle under this integrated approach. Administrators no longer need to waste precious time searching for necessary information or wondering when capacity will run out. InfoSight’s proactive approach is ideal in a data server environment in which reactivity is best avoided.


If you’re ready to make the most of a simplified data center made smarter with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, HPE InfoSight and HPE SimpliVity may be just the ticket! Reach out to Comport to find out how you can leverage this new solution to reduce administration hassles, improve efficiency, and strengthen security.


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