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Introducing A Better Home for Work

A “distributed” work environment means that remote work can take place anywhere, anytime, on any device. However, having all the information at your fingertips can be frustrating if it does not come at the right time… 

Does this sound familiar to you?
  • Finding the files I need is hard
  • There are way too many apps
  • Projects get disorganized so fast
  • Which document are we working right now?
  • So many tasks on my plate… Which one to start?
  • I get interrupted too often
  • I have no quiet time to actually work…

Google Workspace vs. Google Free Apps

Being bombarded with too much information can make you feel stressed, paralyzed, and unaccomplished… You need a seamless and integrated workspace so that you and your teams can collaborate easily and be productive at all times.

G Suite intelligently brings together the tools you need — right in Gmail. You might have already been using some Free Google apps like Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Sheets, Drive, Forms, etc. 
So, why consider Google Workspace

With Google Workspace, you’ll get additional business-grade services which are not available in Google Free Apps. These services include:

Top 5 Reasons To Use Google Workspace

Real Time

Shared Drives




Choose Your Google Workspace Edition


Professional Office Suite with 30 GB Storage

  • Custom email address
  • Business editions of Gmail, online documents, Drive, Calendar, Meet video conferencing, and other office apps
  • Controls over user access, service policies, and mobile devices


Adds Unlimited Storage and Archiving

  • Unlimited Cloud storage
  • Company search across Google services
  • Shared Drives owned by the team
  • Data retention and eDiscovery with Google Vault


Adds Advanced Controls and Capabilities

  • Premium analytics, security controls, email encryption, and data-loss protections
  • Automated mobile device controls and tracking
  • Enterprise search across G Suite data and 3rd-party repositories (Cloud Search)


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