Azure Stack HCI Appliance

ThinkAgile MX Appliances and Certified Nodes enable customers to modernize their on-premises infrastructure easily with pre-tested, pre-configured, and easily orderable configurations, and with seamless integration with Azure services. With the explosion of data storage needs, organizations have adopted hyperconverged infrastructure as their de-facto option of choice.

Dell EMC Solutions for Azure Stack HCI delivers a fully productized, validated and supported hyperconverged

(HCI) solution that enables organizations to modernize their infrastructure for improved application uptime and

performance, simplified management and operations, and lower total cost of ownership.

HPE Azure Stack HCI solutions are configured to deliver solid performance, improved reliability, and high availability. They can be implemented as 2 to 16 node configurations, providing you with the ability to deploy an engineered, tested, and validated private cloud environment to meet your most demanding workloads. All HPE Azure Stack HCI solutions are available as hyperconverged or

converged solutions.

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