MCO 3.0 Back to working from home again?

We are now all working from home, however, are you facing any of these problems? 

  • Your working PC is back at the office?
  • Your current laptop is too slow for you to run your daily tasks? 
  • You can’t use your iPad/Phone is because it is not supported?
  • You are concerned about the security of data?

 Stress, stress, stress. 

Worry No More! Leverage the power of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Virtual Apps and Desktops! Seems too good to be true? Fill in the form and claim your free test drive! Hurry!

How will virtual apps and desktops benefit your organisation?

The way people work is evolving rapidly—and employee expectations are evolving. Meeting the needs of your team starts with providing fast, reliable and secure access to company resources, no matter where people work or which networks they’re using. Virtual Apps and Desktops allows you to achieve just that. 

The assessment will help you understand the security posture of your virtualized infrastructure, and establish optimal plans that achieve policy or compliance objectives, without compromising the value of your virtualization technology.

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