Free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Get your organization one month FREE complimentary assessment. See threats in real time as they occur. We identifying, analyze and evaluate your security risk


Get started at no cost.

You may face new challenges when more workers work remotely than ever before. We want to assist you and make things simple for you.

We are so confident that we will exceed your expectations, this is why we are offering you a FREE 30-day trial of our Open XDR platform.ress, stress, stress. 

Why take the assessment?

Our customers tell us we have found hidden breaches, and done so without disrupting any tool or practice you have in place today.

We are confident we will find anomalies quicker, more easily, and with a broader understanding of the event than any other product.

What do you get from an assessment?

In order to reduce potential cybersecurity risk, the Stellar Cyber Open-XDR delivers pervasive visibility of your environment from endpoints to network, from cloud to SaaS applications. 

Once it is set up, a weekly report will be sent to you through email

And our security research team will offer a weekly 30 minute consultation

What do you need to do?

No hassle, no paperwork! There is no hardware required although we can ship you a physical network sensor. It is easy to set up and our team is happy to help you if help is needed. The assessment is FREE for 30 days and this offer expires May 30, 2020.

Go ahead register. It’s free!