Barracuda ATP vs M365 ATP


What is Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 (formerly ATP) is a cloud-based email filtering tool that helps secure your enterprise from unknown malware and viruses by offering rigorous zero-day security, as well as features that protect your organisation from malicious connections in real time. Defender provides extensive monitoring and URL tracing tools to provide administrators with insight into the kinds of threats that are taking place in their enterprise.


What is Barracuda Sentinel?

Barracuda Sentinel is a cyber-fraud detection and prevention service that is hosted in the cloud. It is operated by three AI systems that operate inside Microsoft 365 to search all incoming and outgoing messages for threats within the email network. Sentinel works on combating social engineering-styled risks such as corporate account breach and phishing attacks. 


Barracuda Sentinel is a robust cloud-based system that protects against company email compromise, account takeover, spear phishing, and other cyber fraud by combining artificial intelligence, deep integration with Microsoft Microsoft365, and brand security.

Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 Features

  • Tests all email attachments for malicious material automatically.
  • Verifies URLs inside email messages and Microsoft files at the time of click.
  • Detects and blocks malicious files in team sites and document libraries such as SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Anti-phishing security tracks efforts to impersonate users and domains.
  • Threat Explorer: real-time report that identify and analyse recent threats
  • Native integration with Microsoft365: Native integration with Microsoft 365 eliminates costs in integrating with current solutions.

Barracuda Sentinel Features

  • Administrators received real-time security alert alerts, and suspicious emails are instantly quarantined.
  • DMARC authentication and review protects against domain fraud.
  • Comprehensive and successful protection against social engineering threats such as corporate email hack and CEO theft.
  • Reports on vulnerability identification and comprehensive analysis of security risks
  • Efficient scanning covers URLs and attachments.
  • AI applications guard against phishing attacks in real time by recognising company contact patterns.
  • Account takeover security, with email accounts immediately blocked if they are hacked

M365 Defender VS Barracuda Sentinel

In today’s defence, advanced threat protection is a must. With new zero-day attacks, social modification strategies, and ransomware cocktail recipes being created on a regular basis, the small company MIGHT be threatened by enigmatic threats. Although Microsoft 365 provides an optional Advanced Threat Security approach, many M365 users find it woefully inadequate:


Barracuda Essentials provides Advanced Threat Protection and improved zero-day protection with continuous evolvement. Barracuda sensors around the world send security data back into the network. System’s machine learning engines are continuously being upgraded with new data gathered in the area. Barracuda’s Advanced Threat Protection employs micro-services to build a multi-layered scanning system that detects and prevents identified and unknown threats.


Barracuda Cloud Protection Layer

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection is offered as part of the Barracuda Email Security Gateway’s Cloud Protection Layer (CPL). CPL eliminates threats from breaching the network, defends against phishing and zero-day attacks, and maintains email consistency. The Barracuda Email Security Portal filters email after it goes through the Cloud Defense Layer, using more granular protocols, recipient authentication, quarantining, and other functions you customise on the appliance or virtual machine.


Here are some of the advantages of integrating the Barracuda Email Encryption Portal with the Cloud Defense Layer:


Several levels of authentication are lacking even for Microsoft 365’s built-in and available security components. Barracuda Essentials addresses the holes by delivering the industry’s most comprehensive email security, data loss prevention, anti-malware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing capabilities. 


Is this to say you can absolutely abandon M365 or stay only on M365?


No way! If you are having great experience with the networking capabilities of Microsoft 365 and applications, and their suite of cloud-based business apps, it should be maintained. Barracuda Essentials integrates seamlessly into the latest Microsoft 365 deployment.


It’s easy to get started. Simple setup procedure. Barracuda Essentials requires no additional hardware or software to install or manage, and it will automatically synchronise Barracuda email encryption with your LDAP server. Barracuda Essentials also comes with a free 14-day preview.

For more info: Barracuda datasheet

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